Crea­ti­vi­ty and Media in a per­fect match

After years of expe­ri­ence in plan­ning, imple­men­ting and per­forming online cam­pai­gns we noti­ced over and over again: the inter­ac­tion of cam­pai­gn crea­ti­on and media dis­tri­bu­ti­on is far from ide­al and leads to fric­tio­n­al los­ses, cos­ting time and money.

Adjust­ment and Opti­mi­sa­ti­on during the flight

The­re­fo­re, we deve­lo­ped CAMPAIGNING+ as a new way of working and thin­king, to ensu­re a per­fect inter­ac­tion bet­ween all working fields — from stra­te­gy to crea­ti­on up to opti­mi­sa­ti­on as well as tar­get-ori­en­ted eva­lua­ti­on. Con­tent and dis­tri­bu­ti­on are thought tog­e­ther and con­nec­ted right from the begin­ning. Allo­wing us a high adap­ta­bi­li­ty as well as fast respon­se opti­ons to tight sche­du­les and short-term chan­ging con­di­ti­ons — also during the cam­pai­gn flight.

Trans­pa­rent Cam­pai­gn Assi­s­tan­ce

Our teams and the cli­ent are working tog­e­ther on a cen­tral col­la­bo­ra­ti­on plat­form. This enab­les a trans­pa­rent and real-time set­up of the cam­pai­gn pro­ces­ses and mile­stones, no mat­ter whe­ther befo­re or during the flight.

The­se 5 princi­ples are always taking cent­re sta­ge:

What CAMPAIGNING+ offers you

CAMPAIGNING+ can be inte­gra­ted into your alrea­dy exis­ting plan­ning very quick­ly and easi­ly. Our effec­tive re-tar­ge­ting mea­su­res pro­vi­de an opti­mal bud­get allo­ca­ti­on, while our trans­pa­rent pri­cing offers a valid over­view about expen­ses right from the begin­ning. And of cour­se, all of our actions are rea­li­zed con­form to GDPR.


Request our free non-obli­ga­ti­on White­pa­per today

Curious? We would be delight­ed to pre­sent you our model in detail to you and we could review tog­e­ther, how we lead your next online cam­pai­gn to the road of suc­cess. Request our free non-obli­ga­ti­on white­pa­per to get more infor­ma­ti­on.

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